Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

Grilled chicken coconut milk ... CAIN LEMONTREE..is the best.

Rare food and with a distinctive taste to be the attraction of the culinary lovers in Bogor and this coconut roasted chicken is already almost 40 years old so said Indra Gustalim or more familiar with the nickname Ca'in.
It can be imagined how a food product that can survive so long the key is that the food is guaranteed delicious and delicious is consistent.

With the traditional processing of roasted coconut milk Cain lemontree in production, this skelting skill is not easy, so roasting his Chicken it is not arbitrary, it needs a trained force so that the coconut milking herbs soaked after the roasted chicken was cooked.
The way of serving this roasted coconut milk is combined with chili sauce stir-fried mango sauce plus processed coconut milk, so at the time of eating with rice will taste sweet coconut milk and to make to balance it then it is given sauce flavored sour and its results will be sour sweet ......Is wondeful just delicious and if you want to feel spicy added chili for those who want spicy.
In past articles I have explained that this Lemontree Cain roast chicken used to be in Gang city Bogor and on September 23rd ago started to open a new outlet near Gang Out stalls no.28 ( link:CAIN LEMONTREE ) and what the result after open 2 weeks? ... Yes of course Chain baked Cain lemontree is directly received by the culinary tasters in Bogor who mostly come from Jakarta and surrounding areas, ...... .which most of them also commented that they had just met this type of chicken baked coconut milk like this and the taste is BENER BENER KELEWATAN.
What result after they eat with greedy then they message again for several to the pack for the dinner or would share his experience eating grilled chicken coconut cain lemontree with his friend and his Family.

In fact there is also a comment, I have never met with this kind of roasted coconut milk is sold in other stores or cities other than bogor ... Cain lemontree, but I ever eat this kind of grilled coconut milk in Jogya but even then in dinner friend host at that time but his host made his own roast chicken.

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